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This web site is dedicated to the history of the McDavitt
Family. The information provided has been gathered from various
records and is believed accurate. If you spot any errors and/or
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designed, maintained, and researched by Bill McDavitt
Pictured: Otis & Nellie McDavitt, parents of my father, Ardath (Art)

The information provided here has been gathered through many sources
including the Pickaway County (OH) & Piatt County (IL) Historical Societies,
Illinois Regional Archives Depository, Illinois Macon County Clerk, Ouachita Baptist
University - Arkansas, Census data, internet searches, correspondence as a
result of this page, the contributions of the memories & documents of
various family members. Special thanks to Ruth Coon Eberts for the photos
of Franklin Coon & Wife Margaret McDavitt.

How common is the McDavitt surname? Ranks 46,356th

Several unidentified photos have been collected of the
Click here to view.

Surnames Referenced:
McDavitt, Perry, Peck, Noecker, Hott, Hoffhines, Coon, Bailey, Dilly, Oulrey
Kroninger, Mulford, Combs, Sirrine, Ater, Rock, Young, Burr, Shannon
Lancisco, Hubbart, Ennis, Heath, Lane, Powell, Yates, King, Timme, Fisher
Luscaleet, Tucker, Kirkland, Marlin, Little, Kapsch, Crosby, Cleckley, Bonser
Cecil, Timmons, Siddens, Peddycoart, Husted, Collins, Whitesel, Noggle, Graybill
Lacy, Cornelius, Robinson, Bensyl, Woolington, McDonald, Means, Mathews

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Generation 1

Levi McDavitt: Born in June 4, 1800 in VA & migrated to OH in 1819.
Levi died on February 13, 1875 in Pickaway County, Ohio. It is known
from newspaper obituaries that Levi died in the Pickaway County Infirmary
(Hospital), his burial site is unknown. Cause of death is listed as: Consumption (TB).
The Infirmary had its own grave yard, however only one record exist (not Levi's) of a
person being buried there. Today, the Infirmary site is a housing complex. Levi was a
carpenter by trade. He married
Susannah Hott on May 27, 1826 in Pickaway County, Ohio.
Susannah was born on January 7, 1804 / Died February 8, 1843 in
Pickaway County, Ohio, buried in the
Harrison Township cemetery
Susannah was the daughter of Peter Hott of Pickaway County.
Levi & Susannah were recorded by the 1830 & 1840 Pickaway County
census as living in Harrison Township, Pickaway County, Ohio.

Children by this Marriage:

* Peter McDavitt (April 27, 1827 - October 1827)
* Nancy McDavitt (December 11,1828 - January 14, 1833)
Jane McDavitt (August 22, 1830 - August 22, 1900
Jane married George Hoffhines on January 22, 1850 in
Pickaway County OH. George was born October 22, 1828
They had 1 son & 3 daughters,
Peter, Julia, Mary and Effie.
Peter was born September 8, 1850 / died April 22, 1920
Peter married Catherine Noecker on Sept 13, 1874. Catherine
was born in 1853 & died in 1933. They had 2 children:
Wilbur (born 1877 / died 1962) & John (born 1882 / died 1948)
Julia was born July 7, 1852
Mary was born December 31, 1855
Effie was born May 22, 1865
Effie married Samuel Noggle on Dec 12, 1885. They had
2 children: Nellie & Esther
George's father was Samuel Hoffhines (born in Washington
County, MD on Nov 18, 1803 / died Pickaway County on Oct 4, 1871)
Samuel married Martha Whitesel on Nov 10, 1827. Martha was born
in VA on March 4, 1805 & died Aug 11, 1881 in Pickaway. Samuel &
Martha had 8 children: George, Stephan, Susannah, Sarah, Elias,
Margaret, Jonas, and John (All born in Pickaway County, OH)

Jonas was part of the Ohio 88th Infantry during the Civil War having
enlisted on August 24, 1862 as a private.

The Hoffhines family stayed in Pickaway County
Daniel McDavitt (August 31,1833 - December 28, 1911)
(See Daniel below 2nd generation)
Margaret McDavitt (September 23,1836 - May 25, 1920)
Margaret married
Franklin Coon on January 7, 1857
in Pickaway County, OH. Margaret and Franklin had
3 children:
Thomas F. Coon: Born October 11, 1857, Macon County IL
Thomas married Rebecca Oulrey on July 2, 1880, Piatt County

Louisa J. Coon: Born March 1, 1859, Macon County IL
Louisa married Frank M. Bonser on July 4, 1874, Piatt County

Jessie B. Coon: Born March 26, 1862, Piatt County IL
Jessie married William Graybill on March 23, 1879, Piatt County

Franklin fought & died for the Union during the Civil War. He was
part of the Illinois 107th Infantry Regiment "K" Company having
enlisted on August 11, 1862. He was wounded near Dallas, Georgia
on May 26, 1864. He later died as a result of those wounds
on July 4, 1864 in Jeffersonville, IN.
Franklin was likely
buried in the Civil War cemetery in Jeffersonville, IN.

Click here to view papers supporting Margaret's application for
military pension.

Franklin's father was George, mother was Sarah (married Mar 12, 1812)
Franklin's brothers & sisters were Julie Ann, George, Emily,
John, Luke and Enos. Franklin was born in 1831.

Margaret married Edward Woolington on May 18, 1874 in Piatt County.
Margaret divorced Edward on September 11, 1883.

Margaret, at the age of 60, then married John R. Bailey (age 65) on August 24, 1897
in Macon County, IL. John R. Bailey was born in 1832 & died on January 29, 1913
in Macon County, IL. John was a minister. He is buried in Fairbury IL.
Margaret died May 25, 1920 in Macon County and is buried there
in Greenwood Cemetery.

* Christeena McDavitt (August 16, 1840 - October 5, 1916)
Christeena married Peter Noecker in Pickaway County on Nov 10, 1864.
Peter was born April 26, 1836 and died December 4, 1907.
Peter's parents were John & Catherine Kroninger Noecker (married
Dec 7, 1833), a very prominent family in Pickaway County.
Christeena & Peter are buried in Piatt County, Illinois.
To view Peter & Christeena's death announcements
from the The Piatt County Republican click here.

Peter Noecker was the brother of Dr. William Noecker of Monticello.

* Mary McDavitt (January 31, 1843 - August 17, 1843)
Mary is buried next to her mother in the Harrison Township
cemetery, Pickaway County, Ohio.

Levi's family was recorded by the 1830, 1840, 1860 Ohio census
living in Harrison Township, Pickaway. 1850 census recorded him
in Madison Township, Pickaway

 Levi was recorded (living alone) by the 1860 Ohio census.
 Levi was recorded (living with his daughter Christeena & husband)
by the 1870 Ohio census.

Daniel migrated from Pickaway County,OH
to Piatt County, IL in 1856. This trip typically involved several
families in a wagon train and which lasted 26 days.

Levi McDavitt's death announcement in the February 19, 1875
Circleville, Ohio (Pickaway County) newspaper consisted of:


"In this city, on the 14th of February, Levi McDavitt, aged 75 years"

"Old Mr. McDavitt died at the Infirmary last Saturday Night. His
remains were taken to Walnut township for interment."


Generation 2

Daniel McDavitt: Born August 31, 1833 in Pickaway County, Ohio
Died December 28, 1911 in Piatt County, Illinois
Martha Peck on February 5, 1862 in Macon County, IL
She was born on June 22, 1843 in Pickaway County, Ohio and died on
September 8, 1914 in Piatt County, Illinois.

To view Daniel & Martha's obituaries from the
The Piatt County Republican click here. Their tombstone
is also pictured.

Daniel was recorded by the 1850 Federal Census of Ohio living in
Harrison Township, Pickaway with the David Fisher family.

Martha was recorded by the 1850 Federal Census of Ohio living in
Deer Creek Township, Pickaway.

To view Martha Peck's ancestors in detail click here

Daniel and Martha with one son were recorded by the 1865 Illinois
Agricultural census to be living in Willow Branch Township
(Piatt County/IL). Estimated value of livestock: $720.00.
Estimated value of grain: $650.00.

To view Daniel McDavitt's Biography click here
To view the McDavitt Farmhouse in Piatt County click here

From 1875 through 1910 Daniel McDavitt had accummulated a total
of 240 acres of farmland in Piatt County.

To view Daniel's property location on a Monticello map from the 1880s.

Children by this Marriage:

* John McDavitt Born May 31,1863/ Died August 9, 1952
John married Almeda E. Mulford on January 28, 1885 in Piatt
County, IL. They had one child named Ralph, also known as "Juggler"
born on September 7, 1885 and died on August 3, 1968, he is buried
in Gilchrist Cemetery in Friendship, AR. Ralph was in WWI and served
with the 34th Infantry Supply Division. Ralph married Gertrude

McDonald on December 15, 1928 in Hot Spring County Arkansas.
Gertrude was born December 28, 1891 & died January 19, 1986.
Gertrude had 2 brothers: Ernest & Homer; 1 sister Cora Means.

To view John, Ralph & Gertrude's obituary from the newspaper
and gravesite headstones in Arkansas.

John divorced Almeda in September 1887, claiming infidelity. He
was awarded custody of their son Ralph. John then married
Sarah Mathews on February 18, 1890 in Decatur, IL. Sarah
was also previously married (Mathews) and was born in 1858 in Indiana.
Her father was Thomas Dilly from England, her mother was Elizabeth
Shannon from Scotland. Sarah had a daughter from the previous
marriage named Gertrude, born 1881. In 1952 Gertrude was living
in South Bend, IN with the married name of Burr.

By their marriage, John & Sarah had two daughters,
Mabel (born 1893 died 1926) & Hazel (born 1896). Mabel married
Julius L. Fisher in Clark County, AR on May 31, 1920.
Julius was born July 24, 1887, died February 1978.
Mabel is buried next to her father in Friendship, AR.

John, Sarah, Ralph, Mabel, Hazel and Gertrude were living next
door to Daniel & Martha McDavitt during the 1900 Piatt County
census. John & family were not recorded by the 1910
Piatt County census.

John was known to be living in Welsh, LA in 1914 and
later settled and died in Friendship, AR.

* William McDavitt Born September 23, 1865(IL) / Died April 5, 1946
William married Ada Combs on February 22, 1891 and lived
in Piatt County, IL. 1910 census showed him to be a farmer with 2
Neva 17 and Pearl 11. Neva was born December 28, 1892
and died in March 1989. Neva spent 3 decades as a professor at
IL State University. William was a prominent Monticello
businessman, the VP of the National Bank of Monticello.
The bank had a short life span opening in 1926, closing in 1933.
Ada Combs was born on March 7, 1870, died on January 28, 1963.
To view William's obituary from the newspaper

* Arthur McDavitt Born March 12, 1869(IL) / Died November 4, 1932
IL Census of 1910 showed Arthur to be living at home with his parents
and unmarried. Listed as Farm/Laborer. Arthur McDavitt died in the
Odd Fellows home in Matoon, IL and was buried in Monticello.
To view Arthur's obituary from the newspaper

* Levi McDavitt Born: January 20, 1871(IL) / Died August 2, 1947
Levi was recorded by the Lincoln County, Idaho census in 1910.
He was age 39 at the time and living in Heyburn, Idaho. He married
Caroline (Carrie) Sirrine in Heyburn on December 25, 1916. She had three
daughters by a previous marriage. Caroline died on July 21, 1937
in Heyburn and is buried there in Riverside Cemetery. Levi died at age 76,
a railroad carpenter, at Kirby Hospital in
Monticello where he had been a patient for 6 weeks.
To view Levi's obituary from the newspaper

* Otis McDavitt Born: May 30, 1881(IL) / Died August 1, 1965
Otis lived in Monticello, IL. Census of 1910 indicated Otis was
a mail carrier. He was later employed by the Deep Rock Oil Co.

* Baby McDavitt Born: May 30, 1881 - Otis' twin died at birth.

Daniel, Martha,William, Christeena, Ada, Arthur, Levi, Otis, Baby
McDavitt are all buried in Piatt County, Illinois.

During the 1910 census Daniel, Martha, Arthur (son) and Christeena
Noecker, Daniel's sister, were living in the same
household in Monticello, IL. Daniel's occupation is listed as a Farmer.
Census indicates that both Daniel's parents were born in VA. Census
indicates Martha's father was born in PA and her mother in VT.

Generation 3

Otis McDavitt: Born May 30, 1881 / Died August 1, 1965 Piatt County, Illinois
Nellie Belle Hubbart on December 9, 1904. Nellie was born on
October 6, 1886 and died on June 6, 1955 Piatt County, Illinois.
Otis & Nellie are both buried in the Monticello cemetery.
To view Otis & Nellie's memorial announcements & obituaries

Nellie had a brother named Ora Hubbart and a sister Jessie F. Hubbart.
Jessie was born Aug 22, 1890 and died Oct 20, 1955.
Jessie married Albert William (Bert) Lacy in 1912 and had 1 daughter &
2 sons: Ora Thomas, Harry, and Doris.
Bert was born on June 1, 1886 and died in February, 1953.

Ora was born on September 3, 1888 and died in January of 1966.
Ora married Nellie Cornelius on October 17, 1908. The 1910 Piatt County
recorded Ora & wife Nellie boarding with the Robinson family in Monticello.
Ora was in WWI and served with the 63rd Artillery Division in France.

Children by this Marriage:

* Ardath W. McDavitt (October 1915 - August, 1986)
Donald McDavitt (February 1905 - March, 1982)
Glenn McDavitt (August 1908 - October 1958)
Louise McDavitt (Born June 11, 1929)
Paul McDavitt (December, 1917 - January, 1999
Paul McDavitt was captured by the Japanese during WWII
in the Philippines and was a survivor of the Bataan Death March.
Contained on his page are some newspaper articles surrounding
that event.

Parents of Nellie Belle Hubbart: William Hubbart Born May 3, 1863 and
died July 19, 1930 Piatt County, Illinois. He married Ella Nora Ennis July 18, 1885.
Ella Nora Ennis was born in 1866 in Dewitt County Illinois / died 1893 in Piatt County.

Parents of William Hubbart: Thomas Hubbart Born November 13, 1834 and
died in July 1866 in Piatt County. He married Isabel Heath on January 7, 1855.
Isabel was born on February 22, 1835 (Ohio) and died March 16, 1917 Piatt Co.

Thomas served during the Civil War in the Illinois 107th Infantry
Regiment, "E" Company. He enlisted on August 11, 1862, he
was discharged on June 21, 1865 in Salisbury, NC.

Isabel then married Henry C. Bensyl on December 3, 1874 in Piatt County
and were recorded by the 1910 census living in Monticello. Henry served
in the Civil War with the Ohio 193rd Infantry, Co "A". Enlisted 2/2/1865.
Henry was born on October 10, 1845 in Pickaway County, OH and died
in 1919 in Piatt County, IL.

Parents of Thomas Hubbart: James Hubbart Born February 6, 1812 and died
January 26, 1859. He married Lily Lane on September 29, 1831. Lily was
born in 1816 and died in 1868.

Parents of Isabel Heath: Samuel Heath Born 1802 / died 1837. Married
Anna Powell 1831.

Parents of Elnora Ennis: William Ennis Born circa 1837 married
Lydia Yates on December 9, 1863. Lydia born circa 1835 in Pennsylvania.

Parents of William Ennis: Elacy Ennis Born 1818 / died 1903. He was married
to Susan King.


Generation 4

Ardath W. McDavitt: Born October 30, 1915 in Piatt County Illinois. Died
August 25, 1986 in Will County, Illinois. Married
Edna May Perry on May 28, 1939
in Lake Side Park Union Church in St. Louis County, Missouri. Edna was born
on June 28, 1915 in Piatt County, Illinois and died October 10, 2005 in Will County, Illinois.

Click Here To View This Family's Family Portrait From 1975

Children by this Marriage:

* Richard Charles McDavitt (Born 1941 / Died 2022)
Ardeth DeAnn McDavitt
Jack McDavitt
William McDavitt

 Parents of Edna May Perry: Charles O. Perry Born April 14, 1884 in Indiana.
Charles had brother a
Joe and sisters Mabel, Bertha and Effie. He died
October 25, 1959 in Jacksonville, Illinois and was buried in the Bement, IL
cemetery. His mothers name was
Sarah Catherine Perry. Her maiden name
was Luscaleet. She was born in 1862 in Indiana and died Oct 22, 1956 in Piatt
county. His father's name was William Westly Perry and was born in KY.
Charles married
Caroline Timme on December 15, Piatt County, IL.
Caroline Timme was born August 12, 1882(IL) and died October 17, 1974.

Children by this Marriage: (Charles & Caroline)
(Charles & Caroline had two boys who died at birth preceeding the
four daughters that follow)

* Edna May Perry (Born 1915/Died 2005)
Hazel Delores Perry (Born October 18, 1912/Died September 29, 1996)
Hazel died in Springfield, IL and is buried there in the Oak Ridge Cemetery
Lola Kathleyn Perry (Fed)
Lucille Perry (Birdie)

Caroline's father was Frederick Timme born in 1840 in Germany and died
on January 6, 1910. Caroline's mother was Sarah Tucker, born in Johnson
County, Indiana on June 17, 1855. She died on March 29, 1925.
Fredrick and Sarah were married in Piatt County on October 23, 1879

Children by this Marriage (Frederick & Sarah)
(All children born in IL):

* Caroline Timme (1882-1974)
* Edward Timme (1889 - July 28, 1914)
George Timme (1880-1968)
George was born November 4, 1880 and died in August of 1968. He
married Cora Kirkland on January 24, 1905. They had a son Donald
born on July 4, 1907 and passed away in August of 1973.
* May Timme (1886 - March 26, 1911)

Joe Perry was married to Myrtle who died Jan 5, 1976; both died in Bement, Illinois.
Mabel & Bertha both died in Monticello, IL. Effie Perry died in California.
Bertha was born September 8, 1893, died February 12, 1977.


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