The SWL QSL Card Museum

Voice of Mongolia - 2023/2024

(The Reception Report was for the Japanese Language Program of VOM)

Translation of QSL - Japanese to English:

Picture Caption: "Ulaanbaatar City"
1st Line: "Receipt Confirmation"
2nd Line: "Thank-you for your report"
3rd Line: "I confirm that you have received the Mongolian Voice"
4th Line: "Please continue to share your thoughts on the program"
5th Line: "Receive Date"
6th Line: "Reception Time"
7th Line: "Receive Frequency"

Click Rotary Phone Dial Below for Audio of VOM Mailbox Program Referred to Above.

The audio is from the VOM Mailbox archive.


QSL, Sticker, Post Card and MP3 File Contributed by Bill McDavitt