Hurricane Ian

Englewood Florida Impact - September 2022

  Website Updated February 6, 2023

  155mph Sustained Winds for 6 hours with 170mph Gust and 18"of Rain

Our House and Yard









Local Englewood Area



Gasparilla Mobile Home Park


Gasparilla Marina


Village of Holiday Lakes Mobile Home Park



San Casa Business


Englewood Beach Road


Tim's Condo Complex - His building had minimal damage

The Storm Weary Crosby Crew At Tims

Aftermath - w/o electric for 9 days - w/o water for 3 days - Internet (Comcast) returned after 30 days


Repairs to Al & Vern's lanai damages (Screen/Center Support) By Bob & Bill

The Sea Grape Tree Removal: 2 Days To Remove with Bob Crosby's Help and SUV


Recovery Efforts
FEMA Black Vegetation Pickup Trucks Parked At Stadium
As of January 21, 2023:
92,000 Loads Collected = 4.5 Million Cubic Yards



Debris Drop-off Point (Placida Road)


County Debris Mountain

Brief video of the winds taken from our Lanai - Click image below