GLOBE'CEIVER Model 65-320

General Coverage Shortwave Receiver

Globe Electronics / World Radio Labs / RME

Rarely Seen Receiver From 1963 - Price New: $64.95

I picked up the receiver (above) on Ebay several years ago. The
receiver is near mint and only needed new filter caps to return
it to working condition. A classic "All American Five" design
with a 3BW4, 5OC5,12AV6, 12BA6, 12BE6 tube compliment.


Click Here for Globe'Ceiver Owner's Manual and Schematic


An ad for the radio appeared in the December 1962 edition of QST on page 119.
The ad was for equipment offered from RME / Globe Electronics. This ad is the
only ad I have come across for the radio. If you have additional information on
this receiver I would love to hear from you.



If you'd like a copy of the owner's manual and service data manual
drop me an email.

Bill McDavitt - Created March 2008

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