GLOBE'CEIVER Model 65-320

General Coverage Shortwave Receiver

Globe Electronics / World Radio Labs / RME

Rarely Seen Receiver From 1963 - Price New: $64.95

I picked up the receiver (above) on Ebay several years ago. The
receiver is near mint and only needed new filter caps to return
it to working condition. A classic "All American Five" design
with a 3BW4, 5OC5,12AV6, 12BA6, 12BE6 tube compliment.


Globe'Ceiver Owner's Manual
General Set-Up Information
Four Pages



Globe'Ceiver Service Data Manual
Contains Schematic & Alignment Information
Four Pages


An ad for the radio appeared in the December 1962 edition of QST on page 119.
The ad was for equipment offered from RME / Globe Electronics. This ad is the
only ad I have come across for the radio. If you have additional information on
this receiver I would love to hear from you.



If you'd like a copy of the owner's manual and service data manual
drop me an email.

Bill McDavitt - Created March 2008

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